Hello at the pool studio...

The creativ mind behind The pool studio  is Jessica Blaich, an Art Director & Graphic Designer based in Munich. After years of working for advertising agencies and on the company side, she decided to work on freelancer basis for interesting projects and brightens her creative horizon by getting new insights every day.

The current work comprises Corporate Identities, conception and implementation

of campaigns, Editorial & Web Design.

This space presents a selection

of collaborative, self-initiated and commissioned work.

The concept

Her passion for conceptual art led her to an art piece by Jiye Yun and the concept for

The pool studio was born.

Based on the thought that everybody has

their individual »brain pool« which contains various skills, knowledge, learning, memories ect. A beautiful way to visualize our own potential through a pool by that we can draw to create and invent.


Lifestyle / Fashion:

Laurèl / Reebok, Nike, The Nort Face, Puma, Kettler für Intersport

Mc Kinley / Woly / Thomas Münz

Mercedes Accessoires / Speidel

P1 Cosmetics / Costa Kreuzfahrten 


Apcoa / Balluff / Kärcher / Ipomea 

Stuttgart Marketing / GLS Bank 

Die Bayerische


Porsche Tennis Grad Prix  

Mercedes-Benz / Daimler / Vans

Food & Beverage:

Siemens / Lidl / Dominos Pizza / Alwa Feel! Gin / Sanwald / Dinkelacker 

Tally Cherry Pepper

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